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People celebrate their weddings with dresses and parties and cake, but when all of those things fade into memory, it is another important aspect of engagements and weddings that continue to symbolize these days forever: Bridal jewelry. Engagement rings and wedding bands are treasures sculpted from precious materials and are valued for their ability to make memories into solid things. Here at Medawar Jewelers, we have made bridal jewelry our mission, and we consider it a part of that mission to pair our customers with the pieces that will make their dreams come true. Whether you prefer the glitz of a big halo ring or the minimalist elegance of a solitaire, there is always something for you at Medawar Jewelers.



The first part of any set of bridal jewelry is the engagement ring. Traditionally, engagement rings are diamond pieces, and when you are looking for the elegance of diamonds, you will find a lot to admire in the collections from Noam Carver. Their Halo collection boasts hoops of phenomenal craftsmanship and diamond-studded elegance surrounding a central diamond; the fancy-shape diamonds favored for the center stones can also be found in their Bezel collection. If you are partial to a modern take on this classic setting, the Bezel line sculpts precious metal to fit the shape of the stone, pairing it with delicate milgrain beading. Alternatively, if you are searching for a wedding band, you can trust that Medawar Jewelers has a rainbow of choices to dazzle you. If you have purchased a gorgeous sapphire-studded engagement ring from the Kirk Kara Carmella line, why not pair it with the sapphire bands from the Mars Stackable line? Or embrace the rare beauty of a tension-set diamond with the pieces from Jewelry Design Center. Men also have the option to get a fantastic wedding band from designers like Forge and Tantalum, who make their bands from some heavy-duty metals that nonetheless retain the touch of artisanal genius men appreciate.



Medawar Jewelers has been the first stop for couples for generations. For over 80 years, the Medawar Jewelers name has been associated with exceptional quality and top-shelf jewelry, and we are always ready to show off our discoveries to our customers. We invite you to stop by our showrooms to see the bridal jewelry on which we turn the spotlight and experience the Medawar Jewelers difference for yourself. If you would like to find out more about the engagement rings and wedding bands we offer, do not hesitate to give us a call today at 833-850-8015, or stop by any of our showrooms: West Lansing, Michigan; Okemos, Michigan; Portage, Michigan; Brighton, Michigan; and Jackson, Michigan!