Over 80 years in the business

Over 80 years in the business

Medawar Jewelers is a family owned business first established in 1920. Over the years, the Medawars expanded into many locations in Michigan and California. Our five locations offer our customers a unique shopping experience with our handcrafted jewelry designs created by master jewelers and designers. We value our customers and consider it a privilege to serve you. We will always do our best to ensure your satisfaction with each and every purchase.

Conflict Free

Conflict Free

Medawar Jewelers combines its efforts of buying only conflict free diamonds, fairly traded colored gemstones and environmentally conscious precious metals. Much of our manufacturing is done locally at our Lansing offices.

The Medawar Lifetime Promise

The Medawar Lifetime Promise

Medawar Jewelers guarantees the workmanship on each and every piece of jewelry against any manufacturer defect. We are always happy to check your jewelry, clean it and offer free Rhodium once a year on every piece purchased at our stores.



We offer interest free financing up to 18 months. Please check stores for details.


Yours Forever: Here’s What You Need to Know about Bridal Jewelry Care

The engagement ring you pick out today will be with you a lifetime. Knowing how to look after your bridal jewelry (or any jewelry) is vital to its longevity. 

Yours Forever: Here’s What You Need to Know about Bridal Jewelry Care

Bridal jewelry, and any jewelry really, needs to be protected. From scratches to lost stones to broken pieces, a lot can happen to our beloved baubles over the course of their lifetimes. But with the right jewelry care, like proper storage, regular maintenance, and a couple of bits of know-how, you can safeguard your jewelry from tarnishing, tangling, and dulling.

Just Don’t Toss It in a Dish

Those cute little jewelry dishes with pithy quotes? Yeah, don’t use those to store your jewelry for extended periods of time. It’s best to store pieces individually, either in a soft-lined box or pouch. This will protect against rubbing, scratching, and tangling. Pro tip: Keeping chains fastened will also help minimize tangling.

The investment made in a diamond, be it an engagement ring, a pair of stud earrings, or a pendant, is a personal one—safeguarding gemstones, some of which are soft, in proper storage will minimize dulling and scratching that can happen if they knock against each other too much.

Also, pearls shouldn’t be stored where it’s too dry or airtight. They’re porous and need some literal breathing room or else they can dry out and possibly crack. On the other hand, sterling silver will oxidize over time. So to prevent tarnishing, keep silver sealed in a plastic bag or airtight box.

And it should be a given that stored jewelry should be kept out of extreme heat and humidity, both of which can cause tarnishing. Along those same lines, let’s keep them out of excessive, prolonged sunlight too. Aside from the heat, the sun can bleach out certain gemstones.

Take a Gentle Approach to Cleaning

Most pros will say it’s best to avoid dip polish, ultrasonics, or abrasive cleaners unless you get your jeweler’s approval first. They can contain harsh chemicals and can actually damage jewelry if done improperly.

Instead, use a soft non-abrasive and lint-free cloth to bring out the brilliance and shine on your engagement ring or wedding band. For maximum beauty, you should aim to polish silver and platinum at least once a month.

Jewelry professionals and luxury designers alike will tell you a touchstone of jewelry care is having your bridal jewelry inspected every six to twelve months by your local jeweler. They’ll ensure the prongs are secure and give your ring a nice sparkle and polish that’ll make it feel like brand-new again.

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Last and First Rule

A good rule of thumb: Jewelry should be the last thing on, and the first thing off. Chemicals in your perfume, hairspray, lotions, etc. can damage fine jewelry over time.

If you’re going for a dip, whether in waves or a wading pool, err on the side of caution and ditch your jewelry first. Chlorine and saltwater can damage precious metals and gemstones.

Obviously certain jewelry, bridal pieces like wedding bands especially, are expected to be worn every day. But certain activities—high-contact sports, gardening, ceramic work—have a higher likelihood for accidents happening. And if you’re donning gold-plated or silver jewelry, remove before you shower too.

If you happen to experience the unlucky misfortune of needing to get jewelry fixed, be sure you turn to a trusted local jeweler who has experience with the sort of jewelry repair you need.

Learn More About Jewelry Care at Medawar Jewelers

Whether you’re ready to come shopping or have questions about servicing jewelry you already own, we look forward to helping you! Contact us at 855-850-8015 or visit us at any of our five jewelry store locations in West Lansing, Okemos, Jackson, Portage, and Brighton.


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