Over 80 years in the business

Over 80 years in the business

Medawar Jewelers is a family owned business first established in 1920. Over the years, the Medawars expanded into many locations in Michigan and California. Our five locations offer our customers a unique shopping experience with our handcrafted jewelry designs created by master jewelers and designers. We value our customers and consider it a privilege to serve you. We will always do our best to ensure your satisfaction with each and every purchase.

Conflict Free

Conflict Free

Medawar Jewelers combines its efforts of buying only conflict free diamonds, fairly traded colored gemstones and environmentally conscious precious metals. Much of our manufacturing is done locally at our Lansing offices.

The Medawar Lifetime Promise

The Medawar Lifetime Promise

Medawar Jewelers guarantees the workmanship on each and every piece of jewelry against any manufacturer defect. We are always happy to check your jewelry, clean it and offer free Rhodium once a year on every piece purchased at our stores.



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The Ins and Outs of How to Clean Pearl Jewelry at Home

You paid a pretty penny for those pearls – chances are, you’re going to want to keep them in proper order. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about how to clean pearl jewelry, this tell-all article has everything you need to know.

How to Clean Pearl Jewelry

If you’re anything like us, you wouldn’t be caught dead sporting a strand of dingy pearls. With so much focus on tarnish-control for precious metal and the like, however, pearls can sometimes fall by the wayside as one makes the rounds of caring for their jewelry collection. It’s not something many people think about until the cleanliness of the pearls has become a significant problem.

One question we get all the time at this juncture: how to clean pearl jewelry. The best way to bring your pearls back to life? Regular maintenance. Pearls are delicate, however – it definitely pays to take measures against damaging them while giving them the attention they need.

Pearl Jewelry Care for the Fashionista that Cares

Pearls are a bit different from precious stones in that they are layer-based gems, as opposed to being polished rocks. Handling them too roughly renders them vulnerable to losing their sheen as harsh chemicals and abrasive implements erode everything that makes them beautiful.

Gently wiping pearls with a dry cloth after you retire them for the night is one way to reduce the amount of gunk they collect out in the world. For more persistent residue, you can apply a dilute solution of mild soap and lukewarm water to the cloth (do not submerge and soak the pearls themselves!). Only do this when necessary – just as important to consider as the pearls is the delicate strand of silk stringing them together. Water tends to cause the silk to degrade and possibly snap. Allowing the pearls to dry completely will help to prevent this unfortunate fate.

Storage is also something to take note of. Pearls may become discolored if stored in an environment that is too hot or dry – pop them into a pouch, or at the very least a fabric-lined jewelry box to keep them from becoming scratched. Keeping a damp cotton ball close to them at all times will keep them from becoming dull and dehydrated.

Of course, professional pearl care will always be the best way to clean pearl jewelry when possible. Serious collectors will want to have their pearls cleaned by an expert yearly at the very least.

Spotlight on Galatea Fine Jewelry

Galatea supplies some of the most exquisite pearls in our showcase. Hailing from Vietnam, Galatea founder Chi Huynh, after spending nearly two weeks lost at sea as a young refugee, decided that all he wanted in life was to bring beauty into the world after surviving the ordeal. He was a trailblazer in the industry from day one, receiving multiple accolades over the years for his famous cultured pearls and iconic designs.

One of our favorite things about the brand? The necklaces they produce go so far beyond the ubiquitous simple strand of pearls. The same can be said of their fabulously coordinated earrings, this feminine and delicate pair augmented with while gold being one of our all-time faves. Galatea pearl fashion rings are the perfect way to top the look off – this one features a devastating combination of black pearl and 14k yellow gold.

Not Sure How to Clean Pearl Jewelry? Leave it to the Experts at Medawar

Jewelry maintenance happens to be a passion of ours, and our expert team will be able to answer any questions you may have about how to clean pearl jewelry. We also offer in-house jewelry repair services in all five of our brick-and-mortar locations in Lansing, Okemos, Jackson, Portage, and Brighton, Michigan, meaning that even when disaster strikes, we’ve always got you covered.

For more information, you can get in touch with us via our website.


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