Over 80 years in the business

Over 80 years in the business

Medawar Jewelers is a family owned business first established in 1920. Over the years, the Medawars expanded into many locations in Michigan and California. Our five locations offer our customers a unique shopping experience with our handcrafted jewelry designs created by master jewelers and designers. We value our customers and consider it a privilege to serve you. We will always do our best to ensure your satisfaction with each and every purchase.

Conflict Free

Conflict Free

Medawar Jewelers combines its efforts of buying only conflict free diamonds, fairly traded colored gemstones and environmentally conscious precious metals. Much of our manufacturing is done locally at our Lansing offices.

The Medawar Lifetime Promise

The Medawar Lifetime Promise

Medawar Jewelers guarantees the workmanship on each and every piece of jewelry against any manufacturer defect. We are always happy to check your jewelry, clean it and offer free Rhodium once a year on every piece purchased at our stores.



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Hot or Not: Buying a Placeholder Engagement Ring Before The Actual Ring

Buying an engagement ring on your own can be a very stressful process, but the placeholder engagement ring trend promises to have you feeling worry-free on the day of your proposal. Read on to learn more about this up-and-coming trend!

Hot or Not: Buying a Placeholder Engagement Ring Before The Actual Ring

There are many new and interesting trends hitting the bridal jewelry industry in 2018. From the rebirth of the gemstone to the popularity of new metals like rose gold and stainless steel, modern trends are transforming what we think of fine jewelry and bridal jewelry.

One of the latest trends is forcing us to rethink how we even imagine the traditional engagement process. In the past, the groom-to-be would purchase the engagement ring and present it to their partner with a proposal for marriage.

More and more modern newlyweds are instead opting for placeholder engagement rings to present to their partner, and then purchasing the actual ring later. This latest trend is shocking engagement traditionalists and may be the new way we view the proposal process.

The New Way Versus the Old Way

For centuries, when a couple got engaged it was after the groom-to-be picked out a ring for his beloved and got down on one knee in front of her. Often, he would choose the ring with no or little help from his partner.

Sometimes, this process was seen as problematic, as the man wouldn’t always pick out the ring his beloved wanted. As a result, these newly engaged couples would have to return to the jewelry store and exchange what the man bought for something else.

This process sometimes led to arguments early into the couple’s engagement, and often started a larger dispute further down the line, potentially ruining the future of the marriage entirely.

Modern engaged couples have avoided this problem by purchasing a placeholder engagement ring before the engagement. These rings are often fashion pieces that, while still beautiful, are often cheaper and a ‘placeholder’ until the two of them find the engagement ring they both love.

After the proposal gets a yes, the couple goes out together and chooses a ring they like from their jeweler. This method is also perfect for those who are getting engaged on a budget, as they can save up to buy the engagement ring of their dreams.

So, is this trend, hot or not? Of all the recent trends that are out there in the jewelry world, the placeholder engagement ring is a effective and practical way to get engaged.

Hopping on The Latest Engagement Trend

Catching onto the latest engagement trend is quite simple, and there are many luxury-grade fashion rings out there that would make the perfect placeholder.

Swarovski Rings at Medawar Jewelers

For those looking for incredibly modern designs, Swarovski might be just what you’re looking for. These fashion rings are adorned with crystals that look just like diamonds, but at a budget-friendly price point.

Swarovski Rings at Medawar Jewelers

On the other hand, Swarovski also offers fashion rings that look incredibly like engagement rings in their own right.

The best part about these styles? They’re all under $100.

We know how much this engagement means to the both of you, why not save up for something truly special?

Placeholder Rings at Medawar Jewelers

If you’re looking to hop on this latest engagement trend and are on the hunt for a stunning fashion ring, you can look no further than Medawar Jewelers. In our West Lansing, Okemos, Jackson, Portage, and Brighton Michigan showrooms, we play host to a wide selection of luxury fashion rings as well as engagement pieces, designer wedding bands, and timepieces.

We first began in 1978 in our West Lansing location and since then have expanded to provide fine jewelry and professional jewelry services across Michigan. To learn about our products and services, check out our website at medawarjewelers.com or give one of our showrooms a visit today!


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