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Try This Statement Jewelry Style to Instantly Dress Up Any Look

Want to make a statement? Choose statement earrings! Gold statement earrings are one of this year’s biggest fashion trends. Read on for our jewelry experts’ favorite looks!

Try This Statement Jewelry Style to Instantly Dress Up Any Look

A statement earring is, literally, an earring designed to make a statement. They’re earrings that are made to capture attention thanks to their boldness, creativity, and uniqueness. Features like sparkles, dangling bits, and bright colors are all part of the statement look.

Here at Medawar Jewelers, we offer plenty of elegant fashion earrings sculpted from gold and ready to add some exuberant pop to your daily look. If you’re ready to add a set of gold statement earrings to your wardrobe, keep reading to find something perfect for you and your wardrobe!


Zeghani Earrings

Zeghani is a brand dedicated to unique feminine grace. What sets them apart from other designers is that they design each group of their fashion jewelry around a central conceit: What Zeghani refers to as the “six illustrative archetypes” that describe women’s tastes.

Many of their collections hew to dainty, demure aesthetics, but two of them—Refined Rebel and Vintage Vixen—really play up the bold look that makes statement earrings “statement.” For example, abstract swirls of multicolored gold; clusters of amethyst, citrine, and blue topaz can be found in the Refined Rebel collection. Heavy, broad gemstones framed by gold scrollwork typify the Vintage Vixen line.


Parade Earrings

When we’re talking about color, the Parade In Color collection does color better than any other. Rubies, peach-colored morganite, pink sapphire, tanzanite, tsavorite, and more all come together in robust designs sculpted from 18k gold. Of course, Parade also designs its statement earrings with carats of accent diamonds, meaning that they add their fire and sparkle to the overall pop of the earrings. Since all of the In Color collection earrings are drop-style, this means that they don’t demurely sit close to the earlobe. Instead, they hang down to a woman’s chin and dance every time she moves her face. Very glam!


Galatea Gold Earrings

Galatea offers some looks that can easily be classified as statement. We already described the statement earring as being bold and rich with eye-catching accents and colors. The Momento collection from Galatea utilizes long chains and suspended tiers sculpted from rose and yellow gold to embrace that statement earring pop. These gold earrings culminate in multicolored pearls carved into surprising shapes, the tiers above them decorated with complementary looks. For instance, pave-set diamond hoops, big satin-brushed gold flowers, rubies, and marquise-cut citrines all add to the aforementioned pop.


Swarovski Earrings

Swarovski is most famous for their elegant crystals, and one of the most delightful explorations of their crystals is by way of their fashion earrings. Because Swarovski works exclusively with crystals, it gives them the freedom to create huge, whimsical designs that perfectly embody the aesthetic of statement jewelry. Want to wear spider earrings? Or earrings made to look like blue eyes? Earrings that are asymmetric pairings of pearl beetles and multicolored flowers? Swarovski’s collections have something just right for your colorful summertime look!

Find Gold Statement Earrings and Other Trendy Styles at Medawar Jewelers

If you’re interested in learning more about the statement earrings and other fashion jewelry we offer at Medawar Jewelers, contact us at 855-850-8015 or visit us at any of our five showrooms in Michigan: West Lansing, Okemos, Jackson, Portage, and Brighton!


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