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Engagement Ring Settings: A Beginner’s Guide to 7 Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Confused about which engagement ring setting to choose for you or your partner? Keep reading for 7 popular styles brides-to-be are loving this year!

Engagement Ring Settings: A Beginner’s Guide to 7 Popular Engagement Ring Styles

You’ve already picked the stone, paying close attention to the four C’s. But just as important as the stone itself is the engagement ring setting you choose.

Different from a preset engagement ring, which leaves the style to the jeweler, choosing your own setting allows you to create something unique to you, your lifestyle, and your personal aesthetic. With lots of popular engagement ring settings available, it’s important to know which is best for maximum sparkle, an active lifestyle, or an heirloom feel. Read on to learn more!

Timeless Classics

solitaire engagement ring

For the traditionalist, you can’t go wrong with the solitaire engagement ring setting. Likely the most quintessential, classic gallery for an engagement ring, the solitaire setting uses three to eight claws to secure the center diamond, depending on the stone’s size and shape. Less metal cradling the gem means maximum light exposure, emphasizing the diamond and accentuating its brilliance.

Sophisticated Glamour

The road to romance is paved with diamonds. Literally. Pavé settings feature a ribbon of stones on the ring’s shaft leading up to the center stone. Though not quite as flush as a bezel, gypsy, or channel setting, with this setting small diamonds are set into holes made in the shanks; raised metal beads secure the diamonds to create that smooth, paved look. The additional stones heighten the radiance and, despite being a contemporary design, pavé settings can add a vintage touch to any ring.

Sleek and Chic

Looking for a modern aesthetic? The tension setting is a popular choice. Compression-spring pressure secures the stone, creating a floating appearance with lots of light exposure to emphasize a diamond’s brilliance. Best for very hard stones like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies (opposed to softer gems such as emeralds, opals, and tourmalines), the tension engagement ring setting is fitting for a clean, modern look.

Ultra-Feminine Styles

halo engagement ring

A beautiful way to customize your ring, a halo engagement ring setting wraps a collar of delicate diamonds around the center stone. Single, double, round, square, even floral halos abound. If you’re after something a little extra unique, consider using colored stones to add a touch of heirloom appeal.

Three’s a Charm

three-stone engagement ring setting

Three-stone settings are quite the trend right now and teeming with opportunities for individuality and customization. Choose from various shapes, sizes, and even colors for this sweet and sentimental setting, making it perfect for symbolizing love’s past, present, and future.

Tradition Restored

Pre-twentieth century, the bezel setting was “the” way of setting gemstones. The style reemerged in the ’90s, however, as a clean, contemporary option that’s especially fitting for active wear, thanks to its smooth surface and the protection achieved from metal pressed around the rim of the stone.

Extra Unique Designs

As brides continue to desire one-of-a-kind styles, nontraditional settings are gaining attention. East-west settings place gemstones horizontally and boast an eye-catching, singular look. A double shank (double banded) ring can add an elaborate and dramatic effect, whereas a split shank can add texture and dimension.

The sky’s the limit with these styles, and if you have something specific in mind for your engagement ring, ask us about our custom design services!

Find the Engagement Ring Setting that’s Perfect for You at Medawar Jewelers

An engagement ring setting underscore a ring’s beauty and accentuates a stone’s best assets—including you! We recommend exploring multiple styles to see which one looks best. Medawar Jewelers has nearly a century-long history in the jewelry industry and our trained staff is eager to help—visit one of our showrooms or call 855-850-8015 to get started today.


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