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4 Jewelry Etiquette Rules to Follow as a Wedding Guest

The number one rule for any lady going to a wedding is “don’t overshadow the bride.” So, how can you manage to put together a stylish look while maintaining subtlety? Keep reading for our top tips!

4 Jewelry Etiquette Rules to Follow as a Wedding Guest

If you’ve been given an invitation to a wedding, it’s a sign of respect and love, which politeness demands you repay with love and respect of your own. You don’t want to overshadow the bride by becoming the center of attention, which is a fashion challenge that requires a bit of thought.

Clothing options are one thing, but given that jewelry is designed to be eye-catching, how do you pick jewelry to match the occasion? Have no fear! Medawar Jewelers offers a handy guide to picking minimalist jewelry that balances beauty with demureness elegantly.

A Splash of Color

Instead of choosing to put together a look rich with dozens of sapphires or wearing a necklace that’s a rainbow strand of jewels, we suggest choosing a single flash of color to add to your wardrobe. This can be as simple as adding a gem brooch to your dress or a solitaire necklace with a single colored jewel set in it.

Parade in Color gemstone necklace

If you’re looking to wear a necklace with a single, lustrous colored gem, try the Parade in Color gemstone necklace from Parade. The magenta-pink jewel of this pendant sits in a flower-like frame of 18k white gold, held in place with a ring of yellow gold.

Sticking to Accents

Sometimes, the best choice for jewelry is to just wear something that acts as an accent for your overall look. Something out of the way and partially hidden, like a pair of earrings. When you choose carved pearls for your earrings, you can maximize the elegance of the jewelry without stealing the show.

Galatea Momento Pearl earrings

This pair of Momento Pearl earrings from Galatea sets blossom-like pearls in 14k yellow gold drops, their peachy hue complimenting a woman’s face while nestled under hair. The subtle touch of an accent also becomes more apparent the closer you get to others, so it’s a lovely choice for being in a group of people.

Dainty Pieces

If you want to stick to having a luxurious piece of jewelry, you can always choose to downsize it, accentuating your own femininity with a dainty selection while simultaneously being a polite guest.

Zeghani Delicate Diva cable bracelet

Instead of choosing the dramatic, gem-studded cuff that covers your whole wrist, pick the thin bangle with a single ruby set in it. Instead of a thick chain, pick something like our Zeghani Delicate Diva cable bracelet. With only one row of 14k yellow gold, this bracelet fits the name of the collection perfectly—including the “diva” aspect, thanks to the 0.58 carats of white diamond brilliantly pave-set in the bracelet’s face.

Texture over Jewels

Our last suggestion to blend minimalism with elegance is to forgo gems entirely in favor of having a textured piece.

Zeghani Classic Beauty fashion ring

If you’re looking for a piece of fashion jewelry whose texture is intriguing, try the water waves worked onto the surface of the Zeghani Classic Beauty fashion ring. With durable 14k rose gold holding the texture far longer than other, softer tones of gold and having a unique color all its own, this ring is a charming addition to any wedding guest ensemble.

If you’re interested in the designers or pieces we’ve presented today, don’t hesitate to contact us at 855-850-8015, or stop by any of our showrooms in Lansing, Okemos, Jackson, Portage, or Brighton, Michigan today!


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