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Engagement Rings in Michigan

Designer Engagement Rings at Medawar Jewelers

Designer Engagement Rings at Medawar Jewelers

In 1978, Medawar Jewelers first opened its doors, and since then we’ve strived to serve the people of Michigan the kinds of engagement rings that are absolutely perfect for them. We’ve had hundreds of happy couples choose our rings to pop the question, and we make it part of our mission to only showcase the most remarkable engagement rings in the state. Whether you prefer your ring made with a halo or a solitaire-style diamond; whether you yearn for rich tones of gold or the silky color of platinum, the elegant designers we showcase at Medawar Jewelers are right for you.

Find Stunning Engagement Rings in Michigan

What’s so special about choosing the right engagement ring? Engagement rings are abstract feelings brought into the world and given a dazzling form. A woman can look at her engagement ring, and all the feelings of love, commitment, passion, and trust embodied in that ring will come to life in an instant. There are few pieces of jewelry that can match the magic of an engagement ring, and it’s phenomenally important for a woman to have a ring that speaks to her on a personal level. Why settle for something inferior when you can purchase an engagement ring from the masters at A. Jaffe, Noam Carver, Kirk Kara, Verragio, and many, many more! When you shop for bridal jewelry at Medawar Jewelers, you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

Choosing the Perfect Ring

Whether you want to discuss engagement with your bride-to-be or surprise her with the ring, it’s important to have information on hand before a ring is chosen. If the former method is chosen, a man can sit down with his lady, take a notepad, and ask some primary questions, including metal choice, the preferred choice of shape for the center stone, and if she wants a halo or not. After all, the halo look is extraordinarily different from a solitaire, three-stone, or side-stone look, and a woman may be dissatisfied with the wrong ring. Once primary questions are answered, further facts can be sought: preference for colored gems, the modernity of her ideal ring, and what sort of side stones she wants. And don’t forget to ask what your wife-to-be what her ring size is!

If you’re surprising your wife with an engagement ring, it’s a given that you’re confident that you know her tastes. However, the difficulty in this situation is that you may not know what her ring size is. If this is the case, you may wish to borrow a ring from your lady’s jewelry box. Just make sure she’s not going to miss it—and for goodness’ sake, don’t lose it! Once you have a ring, you can take it down to Medawar Jewelers and have the size determined easily! Also, if your lady’s female relatives, like Mom or a sister, she may be able to help you with ring size.

Financing Your Engagement Ring

Here at Medawar Jewelers, we enjoy it when our customers can experience engagements and weddings without having to worry about money. To that end, we do our best to come up with a finance plan for each customer. Medawar Jewelers offers interest-free financing up to 18 months, but if you’re in need of something different, don’t hesitate to visit any of our five stores in West Lansing, Okemos, Jackson, Portage, or Brighton, Michigan to discuss financing with our helpful team!

Jewelry Services Available at Medawar Jewelers

Medawar Jewelers offers in-store jewelry repair services, and no matter whether you need something simple, like clasp repair or a more complex repair, like prong retipping for your engagement ring, our professional team is more than capable of assisting you. If you own an heirloom piece of jewelry that needs to be cleaned or repaired, contact us today to see what we can do to assist you. And while we adore our designer brands, we’re also happy to make your dreams of custom jewelry come to life—our artists can render your idealized engagement ring in CAD, followed by a manufacturing in precious metal.

If you’d like to find out more about what Medawar Jewelers can do for you and your engagement, contact us at 855-850-8015 or visit any of our five showrooms today!

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