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Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Styles at Medawar Jewelers

You may have seen some common terminology used by jewelers to describe engagement rings, such as “halo” or “solitaire.” But what do those terms mean in the case of engagement ring settings?

Medawar Jewelers is here to help! By describing different settings, we can also describe the traits specific to each type of engagement ring and the kind of tastes that may appreciate them.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

The solitaire engagement ring is perfect for showing off that big, beautiful diamond you’ve chosen for yourself. When we talk about designers making “solitaire” rings, we’re talking about a ring that only features a “solitary” stone. Usually, the solitaire style boasts gorgeous prongs or fascinating bezel settings, but every so often, designers will use a tension setting to display a single beautiful jewel. When you’re looking for an engagement ring that celebrates the purity of expression or a large-carat stone, solitaires are ideal.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo rings, on the other hand, embrace center stones in a different, but no less beautiful, manner. By surrounding a center stone with a disc of precious metal and smaller stones, the halo engagement ring “amplifies” the carat weight of the center stone. This bold style is often paired with pave-set diamonds in a round halo, but many of the top designers in the world of jewelry experiment with floral, abstract, or filigree halos and complementary jewels like sapphires or pink diamonds!

Cluster Engagement Rings

The cluster ring is somewhat rare relative to other looks, and it may be a bit difficult to find an engagement ring that perfectly embodies the “cluster” look. Designers make cluster rings without a formally defined center stone, opting for many different jewels “clustered” together. The effect is that the final engagement ring has dozens of different facets glittering along it.

Side Stone Engagement Rings

Side stone rings are similar to cluster rings insofar as they both focus on numerous smaller jewels set along the engagement ring. But while the cluster ring utilizes numerous medium-sized stones in a cluster, side stone rings use smaller jewels to accentuate the beauty of the center diamond. If a woman wants to have a gorgeous center diamond while also embracing the graceful beauty of side diamonds arranged like leaves or ribbons, this style may be perfect.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Among engagement ring settings, the three stone design is a great way to symbolize special “threes,” such as a bride and groom’s past, present, and future. By using two mid-sized jewels, designers can either complement or contrast with the shape of the larger center stone. Additionally, the three stone engagement ring is a good place to find rare shapes of diamond, including the trilliant cut, as accents for one’s preferred center stone.

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