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Custom Jewelry Design

Custom Jewelry Design at Medawar Jewelers

Custom Jewelry Design at Medawar Jewelers in West Lansing, Michigan

Medawar Jewelers specializes in turning a concept into a beautiful piece of jewelry. Our skilled artisans listen attentively to your idea and utilize both artistic talent and technological mastery to bring that unique vision to life. No matter whether you’re from West Lansing, Okemos, Jackson, or even nearby areas like Kalamazoo, for a piece of custom jewelry that will immediately become an heirloom for you and your loved ones, turn to Medawar Jewelers.

Reliable and State-of-the-Art Custom Jewelry Design

Coming into one of our showrooms is the first step in a process that’s enjoyable, cutting-edge, and simple all at once. Medawar Jewelers pairs its customers with an artist who will help give shape to whatever idea that’s in your head. The sketch and discussion help our team to emphasize the features of your piece and trim away the unnecessary elements. Once a sketch is created, our team will get your approval, provide an estimate, and send the sketch to a digital designer.

Passing your sketch along to a CAD designer means rendering your idea in 3D. In three dimensions, you and your designer can observe the smallest parts of your dream jewelry alter them. At this stage, you can ask your designer to make changes at the stroke of a key.

3D printers then use these CAD blueprints to print a replica of your custom jewelry in wax. Wax castings are your way of giving jewelry a “test drive” to ensure that you’ve got a piece that fully satisfies you. Additionally, you’ll see the benefits of wax casting once you try on your piece before completion and see how the final product will look and feel on you.

As with every other step of the process, the last step is completely yours. Medawar Jewelers will take the precious metal of your choice to sculpt your marvelous design, and if you want to see a particular jewel, we can help — whether you desire diamonds, sapphires, or rubies, you’ll see the stone of your dreams sparkling in your design.

Guaranteed Satisfaction with Your Custom Jewelry Design at Medawar Jewelers

Medawar Jewelers operates under the principle that the company can only grow if we maintain strong family values. And nothing speaks to family values more than the way you’ll be treated at our Lansing, Jackson, Okemos, Portage, or Brighton showrooms. With over 4 decades of experience in the jewelry industry, you’ll find that out experts are capable of giving you the white-glove treatment for all your needs. So, no whether you’re searching for the right engagement ring to say, “I love you forever”, a wedding band to symbolize that promise, or fashion jewelry to add some flair to your style, Medawar Jewelers should be your jeweler of choice.

To give your custom jewelry a more personal touch, Medawar Jewelers allows its customers to bring pre-existing precious metals and jewels from heirlooms to act as the basis for custom designs, which can breathe some new life into old treasures. However, if you’d like to make your custom design with new materials, don’t hesitate to let our team know, and Medawar Jewelers can work within your budget to source new materials.

If you’d like additional information about the custom jewelry design available to customers in the Lansing, Jackson, Okemos, Portage, or Brighton areas, come into our showroom today, or contact us at 517-323-2121.
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